Pocket Foil Packed Tissue

Tissues we use are very soft with 3 and 4-ply options and are produced by 100% TCF (Total Chlorin Free) and ECF (Element Chlorin Free) cellulose.The material we use in package production is clean PVC foil and Flexo type printing on it. MOQ is 10.000 pcs. We also make digital printing on foil as well. MOQ is only 100 pcs for it. 

Product Name:  Pocket Foil Packed Tissue
Pack Size:  10,5x5x2,5(h) cm.
Contents:  205x205 mm , 3 ply / 4 ply , 100% cellulose , 10 tissues 
 MOQ is only 100 pcs. for digital printed foil & 10.000 pcs. for all over flexo method printed packs.