Custom Labeled Wet Wipes

The raw material of the wipes we use is non-woven which produced with high technology and used as a textile raw material as well. Non-woven, which is used in a suitable weight in the product, combines in large boilers with solutions made from pure water and chemicals and then packed in fully automatic machines in highly hygienic environments without touching hands. Wet wipes produced by professional chemical engineers in our production provide many alternatives to our customers with solution(Refreshing,Baby,Intimate,Pre-Injection etc.) and fragrance (Dove , Cool water , Green tea etc.) options for different purposes. We also have single and multiple package alternatives. We offer standard quality service to our customers by always having many color options in our stocks in foil packaging material we use for multi package. Wet wipes products are produced with different sizes and packing options for your use at home, office or travel.