Examination Gloves

Examination Glove Box is our most popular product in the medical supplies product range. Examination Gloves we use are very soft and elastic.They are all Ambidextrous and Disposable. Our examination gloves with CE certification are of three types: Latex, Vinyl and Nitrile. These three types have their own powdered and powder-free alternatives. We have alternative products for different situations. We recommend nitrile gloves for allergic structures for example. We can also supply the types of gloves used by veterinarians. Material choices we use in box production are cardboard, pvc and tin. The most qualified of these materials we use are printed on high technology machines according to the artworks prepared by our customers. Our customers can find a wide range on the product for brand visuals they want to advertise. We have suitable alternatives with very different size options for hospitals and in the doctor clinics use. Depending on demand, we can also make packaging design studies on special shapes and cuts.