About Us

"Boss" is a leading producer of hygienic paper products , medical supplies and promotional bags specially designed for customer’s own brands. Through our knowledge of European markets, trends and local consumer requirements, we can respond rapidly and flexibly to marketplace changes and offer our customers individual product concepts, consultancy and services. 

We have a unique blend of 15 years’ experience, integrity and creativity, which makes us the ultimate go-to promotional partner for any company/brand requiring a safe and reliable vehicle for their advertising.

We are one of the fastest growing promotional item suppliers with its more than 130 global customers from all around the world.

We prepare and produce our orders with the greatest attention to detail, which has set us apart from the very beginning to final the delivery. 

Most of our products have large areas for personalization, a wide range of different shapes, including custom-made shapes.

Our company’s well developed communication skills, well organized production schedules for specific deadlines, being capable of quick-answering flexible and customized orders are what make us unique in the market. 

Let us help you, today, share your tender details with us or simply find the product that fits your need from our web site.